Why We Do It

Depositphotos 2281083 mAOG is made up of former LSS operators with decades of hands-on experience at multiple world-renowned zoos and aquariums. AOG has directly and daily operated and maintained exhibits ranging from multi-million-gallon marine mammal systems to 100-gallon fish tanks, as well as avian, reptile, terrestrial mammal and primate water systems. So they know: there is no substitute for the experience of ACTUALLY opening a valve, starting a pump and backwashing a filter.  

Uniquely, those same AOG operators are also experienced engineers. After getting their hands dirty in the LSS pump rooms, they worked as LSS design engineers in hopes of finally answering the question, “Did the facility and LSS operators get a chance to provide their input?” They found their answer: the pressures of design and schedule drive projects in directions that operators can’t possibly know and aren’t prepared to change.